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Our story

After years of working in solar sales, starting from knocking on doors and then moving up to management; owners of Sunnera, Roni and Anthony, resigned to make their vision possible.

Sunnera originally started as a solar broker/dealer based in Southern California. After years of working with different installation partners Roni and Anthony began to see a big flaw in the industry. The lack of transparency between installers and their sales partners.

Pricing between installers varied vastly. Volume seemed to be the only thing installers agreed on, instead of customer service. As a result, a lot of solar companies had to close their doors.

Fed up with the mismanagement, Sunnera set out with a big vision to change the industry and put the power back into the hands of sales organizations, such as themselves, whose sole focus was customer service.

Think 30 years, not 30 days.
- Roni G. CEO

Steady Growth

A common strategy in the solar industry is the “grow at all costs” mentality. As a result, some of the largest solar companies are now out of business. 

Here at Sunnera we are in it for the long run. We believe that if you go after the mission, the money will come. 

When they were starting Sunnera, Roni and Anthony knew that taking outside funding from investors was not an option so they funded Sunnera themselves; further solidifying their success in the industry. This has allowed Sunnera to solely focus on the long term game. 

Finding Success

After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, Sunnera’s strategy of putting the customers and dealers first paid off. 

As Sunnera’s dealer network grew, Sunnera was able to push down pricing and increase quality provided from all of its installation partners.

Thanks to its broad amount of experience and feedback from dealers in the solar sales industry, Sunnera has been able to help its installers provide an unparalleled level of quality for homeowner going solar. Further, with its vast network of dealers across the United States, Sunnera has been able to offer its dealers some the most competitive pricing for quality in the industry.

Our mission

Be The Solution

Our goal is to provide every home and community a cleaner and more affordable source of electricity. Our world is headed towards a 100% renewable goal. It’s not an if, but a when! Here at Sunnera, we want to accelerate this renewable transition by making solar easier than traditional energy. 

Our mission

Lowering your cost of living, while increasing your comfort of living. One homeowner at a time. 

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Sunnera Energy Group provides homeowners with all the resources they need to go solar. 

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