Learn how your solar system generates electricity and saves you money

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels collect sunlight through photovoltaic cells in the form of DC energy. The DC energy is sent to an inverter which then changes the energy from DC to AC, which is what we use in our homes everyday.

Step 1

Solar panels absorb sunlight, output DC energy and send it to the inverter.

Step 2

An inverter transforms the DC energy to AC, which is what we use in our homes to power appliances.

Step 3

All of the generated energy is then monitored by the meter.

How Does Solar Save You Money?

During the day, excess energy not used by your home goes back to the electricity grid earning you energy credits. At night, when your solar panels are not producing energy, your home consumes electricity from the grid and you withdraw those credits you have stored. 

How Do I Pay For My Solar System?

Sunnera prides itself on its wide range of financing options to its customers. We have access to everything! Everyones financial situation is different. Thats why we believe having options is important.

Financing Options


System Owner: You
-You own your system from day 1
-Pay upfront for highest ROI
-Keep Tax Credit and Incentives
-25 Year Product Warranty
-Roof Penetration Warranty
-System Monitoring


System Owner: You
-Low monthly payments
-No cost upfront
-Savings starts from day 1
-Keep Tax Credit and Incentives
-25 Year Product Warranty
-Roof Penetration Warranty
-System Monitoring

PPA or Lease

System Owner: PPA Company
-No cost upfront
-Low monthly payments
-PPA Company keeps tax credit
-25 Year Product and Performance Warranty
-Roof Penetration Warranty
-System Monitoring

Financing Partners We Work With

One financing option does not fit all. You have options.

and more


Will i see a difference in my lights or in how appliances run?

The electricity produced by your solar is identical to that of the grid, so you will never notice a difference. Only thing that will be different is your electricity bill.

What is net metering

Net Energy Metering or NEM is the system that utility companies use to measure your credits you receive when your solar system sends energy to your utility provider. With net metering you only have to pay for the extra energy that goes beyond what your custom solar system produces with your utility provider. 

How long does my solar system last

Various parts of your solar system need to be replaced at different times. Your solar system will continue to generate electricity from 25 to 35 years. Here at Sunnera we only install tier one panels, all of which come with a minimum of 25 years manufacturer warranty. Warranty terms do depend on the manufacturer. 

what happens to my electricity bill after i go solar

Once your solar system is turned on you begin producing credits with your utility provider. Your utility provider then  compares the amount of electricity you produced vs consumed. This can result in either a positive or negative number. There are two scenarios, either you do not pay and receive credits for the extra electricity you produced. Or, you pay for the extra electricity you used beyond that of what your solar system produced. 

What happens when my power goes out?

When the power grid goes down, your solar system shuts off as well. The reason for this is to prevent back feed into the power lines for line-workers safety. Make sure to ask about our backup battery packs which can be installed with your solar system to keep your home running during blackouts.  

Is my home fit for solar

Before installing any solar systems we assess anything that may cause issues with your solar system, such as shade, roof conditions, and structural durability of your home. During site assessment, we make sure trees wont cause issues with your solar production. We then go on to check that your roof does not need to be replaced, as we provide a roof penetration warranty for our customer so you do not have to worry about leaks. Our engineering department then goes on to design your solar system to be structurally safe. 

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